Luggage Organiser (Set of 5) - (4 Colours) - FREE SHIPPING ITEM



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Are you one who like to sort your clothes into various zip lock bags or pouches? I am the kind who like to pack my kids clothes, hubby clothes into various bags so that its more organised and neat.

Introducing Bags In Bags Luggage Organiser. Comes in a set of 5. 5 sets of Bags for Clothes in various sizes.

Free yourself from Clutter as you have your items nicely packed into various categories. 1 for yourself, 1 for your child, 1 for your husband, 1 for toiletries, 1 for accessories.


Clothes Bag Large WITH HANDLE 37*30*14cm
Clothes Bag Small WITH HANDLE 29*19*11cm
Clothes Bag LARGE 37*27*7cm
Clothes Bag Medium 31*27*7cm
Clothes Bag Small 26*20*7cm

Available in Pink, Blue and Red (Now in Coffee too)

This set of 5 is light, compact and can pack quite a bit. Keeps your clothes neat and tidy. The large one has a dual sided function too. Netted material helps to air clothes and keeps them fresh.

Luggage Organiser (Set of 5) - (4 Colours) - FREE SHIPPING ITEM