Loft Beds

Loft Beds

Loft Beds is the SOLUTION to all our problems... There's so much we could do with loft beds. Play area, storage furniture, study area, having slides and all! Must make full use of the height in the room! Caution to those with ceiling fan. Thing about Loft Beds is that you can choose LOW Lofts (80cm height); MEDIUM Lofts (100cm height) or HIGH Lofts (>130cm height). In case you have not heard of our CUSTOMIZABLE Solid Pine Wood Beds...

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So, what TYPE of bed are you looking for?

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Car Beds or Princess Beds

Basic Low Beds

Pull Out Beds

Loft Beds - with play area, study, storage, slides!

Double Deck Beds

TRIPLE Deck Beds (Yes they exists!)

MODular Beds (Something like FLEX-able beds)

US Maxtrix Birch LOFT Beds

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Mattresses and Pillows

Bedsheets and Cushions

Canopies and Bed Curtains

Bedside Tables!

Lampshades on the Bedside table!

Set Descending Direction

25-48 of 55

Set Descending Direction

25-48 of 55