Mattresses and Pillows

Fret not if you're uncertain on what type of mattress to buy! Simply refer to the pros and cons of the spring and latex mattresses respectively below and make the best possible decision for your child!

For Spring mattresses

PROS: Coils follow the shape of the body to provide comfort and support, Relatively inexpensive, Lighter, Easy maintenance. CONS: Less durable – coils may be damaged more easily under pressure, Does not conform well to the body shape, Some noise possible, Needs to be flipped and turned, Transfers motion

For Latex mattresses

PROS: Open cell structure, constant air circulation, Reduced Perspiration, Mould to body shape, Natural spinal alignment, Back pain reduction/ prevention, Does not need to be flipped constantly unlike spring, Healthy and safe (Natural latex), No chemical, No smell, Highly durable (10-12 years) and Biodegradable. CONS: Heavy, More expensive (Natural fibre), Initial firmness before it accustom to body shape

In case you have not heard of our CUSTOMIZABLE Solid Pine Wood Beds...

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US Maxtrix Birch LOFT Beds

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Mattresses and Pillows

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