Children’s Lampshades and Night Lights in Singapore

Lighten up your little one’s life with a cute and colourful bedside lamp from our massive online collection. At Kids Haven, we have an exclusive range of home accessories that you and your children will absolute love. Our adorable lighting solutions will transform your kids’ bedroom into an exciting and engaging space.

Children’s lights 

Kids Haven has a massive collection of ceiling lights and bedside lamps that will add a touch of magic to your little one’s room. We have a range of different styles and patterns that will appeal to both boys and girls. From pirate and aeroplane designs to butterfly and snail lampshades, you will be spoiled for choice at our deluxe online store. Our flower garden, starry night and Hello Kitty ceiling lights are also a massive hit with the kids.

Night lights

Do you face the daily struggle of getting your children to sleep at night? Scare away the boogeyman with our range of fun night lights. Running off a USB-port, they offer a subtle glow that provides just enough illumination to comfort your kids without keeping them awake. We have Disney Princess and Spiderman lights that will make the perfect addition to your bedtime routine.

Create a kids haven today

Design a fun yet functional space for your little ones with our contemporary beds, desks and home accessories. To purchase our children’s lights in Singapore, simply fill out our online order forms now.

If you would like to find out more about our collection or deliveries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through our website or pop into our showroom for a chat. We are more than happy to answer your questions or to discuss design solutions to suit your needs and budget.

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